Satyananda Yoga Centre actively collaborates with the society through individuals and through several organisations, to create opportunities for all to have contemporary, researched authentic inputs about Yoga as a system of self development, to help them improve the quality of their lives.

Several programs, ranging from one time  session of 45 minutes to year long periodic interventions have been conducted effectively to the benefit of a variety of people from different strata of society.

Our association has been with every aspect of the fabric of human development, which include, Educational institutions, corporate multi national companies, Government departments, Government undertakings, Private firms, Spiritual and cultural associations, Sports academies for more than two decades.

Indian Army

We had the privilege of providing our expertise to the Military officers and Jawans of Rashtriya Rifles in Pulwama, Kashmir, which was one of the most satisfying contribution that we have mad in the three decades of teaching till 2019.

Satyananda Yoga was introduced to the Gorkha Regiment along with several other regiments of Rashtriya Rifles.

The life and situations of the army in Pulwama and in and around Kashmir is extreme. The conditions in which army person perform their daily duties, is un-imaginable.

Apart from the regular challenges that are faced by any army person, the psychological and political pressures have terrible bearing on all of them due to unique conditions of Kashmir warrants for a special contribution that yoga can make for the members of our Army.

Satyananda Yoga practices and the methodology of teaching with the understanding of the context of their extreme life situations was appreciated by the Army personnel. 

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