Satyananda Yoga Centre offers courses for further learning for graduates of Sadhana Shibiram progressing more towards spiritual awakening. Details of these courses can be known personally from the acharyas of the centre.

Other courses offered are

  • Seva Shibiram – A long term program for developing the attitude of Karma Yoga in daily life and prepare one’s mind for experiencing oneness – the higher reality.
  • Dharana Shibiram – A long term course in which the intense practices of Dharana from the Vedic, Yogic and Tantric traditions are systematically taught in a disciplined way.
  • Kriya Yoga – A preparatory course spread over a year, to make one prepared to attend Kriya Yoga in Bihar School of Yoga & appreciate the subtle yet very powerful Kriya Yoga.
  • Dhyana Shibiram – Long term Course in Meditation
  • Shravan Sadhana – Introduction to Vedanta

Once a person’s mind is harmonized and prepared through the practices of yoga & yogic life style, a spiritual aspirant has to embark on the systematic study of the vedantic scriptures for a length of time, under the guidance of an experienced Guru who holds the secret of the Parampara which open the doors of wisdom.

Shravan Sadhana is initiated to every sadhak of the centre.

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