This is the level next to Pratama Shibiram – 1. The overview of this course is as follows:

  • This course runs through twenty sessions, each session lasting about two hours.
  • One session is conducted once a week.
  • Yogic concept of life is introduced.
  • Intermediate stage of preparatory asanas, basic pranayama, Pratyahara practices, first of Shatkarmas is introduced.
  • Clears out blocks from physical, mental & pranic dimensions.
  • With regularity, Body becomes supple & flexible; Mind becomes more relaxed & clear.
  • Higher level of energy is awakened
  • Awareness of the physical, vital & mental dimensions begins to dawn
  • For general learning (health, relaxation, resolving problems of life etc.,) one can stop with this course.
  • If one is interested in developing deeper understanding of yoga & is interested in laying a foundation for spiritual evolution; they can proceed to the next level of learning.

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