Meditative Mandalas of Vidya Shankar

Hari Om 🙏
I made this mandala a couple of months ago when physical classes resumed. There were only three or four of us in the Paduka hall, the rest were boxes on the computer. It was not always like this. There was a time when we would all gather, not as in a social setting, but in our own individual spheres, pursuing our own motives for doing yoga, according to our individual capabilities. Yet the energy that reverberated in the hall was of one single soul.

This mandala is my representation of that reverberation. In spite of the differences, there is something common too, some similarity in patterns, which brought us all together to do our Sadhana. In the core of such patterns is that powerful pranava mantra, OM, the cause of the unifying vibrations.

We have now completed our course, yet the bond remains. Let us, consciously, pursue our Sadhana so that the sound waves of our chanting and the positive vibes of our awareness spread throughout the world and envelop it.