Vedavalli Parthasarathy popularly known as Veda is an inspiration to all of us at Satyananda Yoga Centre. She is our phoenix; she proves that yoga is a great healer and today she herself is a great healer of several suffering women.

Being a fount of creativity, her compassion flows out to every one who is faced with challenges and problems of life.

After meeting her once & taking a class with her, you can no more be the same person you were. You are bound to receive the tingling positive vibes from her.

Veda has championed many of our seva projects with Madhuram Narayan Centre, Swabodhini, Cancer projects at several hospitals, to name a few. She is the Chair Person of We Can Care – Satyananda Yoga program for cancer patients and their family.

Yoga enters in a persons life for a reason and for a purpose. That’s how this beautiful asset came into my life when I was suffering from cancer. That’s when my doctor gave yoga as a prescription My sister suggested the yoga centre and I felt I had something to hold on as my life boat.There was no looking back after joining yoga, here. Jeyagopal sir’s classes were looked forward to, every week. It was a confidence booster, healing factor and brought in positivity in our lives.He was a friend, philosopher and guide and above all ,our Guru.After attending these sessions. my self esteem has grown ,self confidence and courage has developed .Each and every session was unique by itself.
As we all know, learning never ends.It still continues and We continue to grow with it,…

Hari om tat sat.


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