NKT.M.Jeyagopal (Sannyasi Shiva Rishi) had the opportunity to offer services to thousands of people in the last several years that he has been teaching yoga.

He considers all the aspirants who reach his classes as people who are connected to his Guru & considers the service of teaching them yoga and guiding them through the transformative path as a seva he renders to them.

He considers himself as a servant who takes all his students to the close proximity of GURU.

It would be almost an impossible task to have all their voices registered here. The experience of some of them are given here.

Anjala adds that she regularly attended the yoga sessions, two hours a week, at her school to improve her concentration and focus. “I used to meditate daily especially during my exams. I had yoga class at school twice in a week,” she says….ANJALA BEGUM


“This encourages me to continue with yoga. Positive results are guaranteed, I feel good about myself, elated and this is reason enough for me to continue. I hope that with regular practice I will be able to experience the far reaching effects of yoga in life. Till then, my faith in yoga persists.

I got this opportunity through our school. I feel other students should get this opportunity so that Yoga can made a difference in their life”……SWATHI PRUSTI


I fell in love with Yoga Nidra when it was conducted at our DTRTI as part of training of our officers ….ILANGO, ITO


According to me, Yoga is a small light which helps people whose thoughts are fully drowned in dark ocean.  Small light helps people find their correct path out of the dark ocean. Likewise,yoga helped me and many people, to get on to our correct path and reach our destination from time to time….SOUNDARYA

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