Workshops for Families

Hari Om

We just completed fifteen years last Diwali and are in the sixteenth year.We have planned an awesome series of workshops for families throughout this year.

Volunteers of Satyananda Yoga Centre will be organising these online for families and future generations to benefit.

The first workshop of the series will be on the topic of positive parenting!

can we create a nourishing and uplifting environment for our children to bloom into happy individuals, able to fulfill their aspirations in an appropriate and effective way!

How can we as parents contribute to a great destiny of our children!

Who Should attend:

Category 1

Newly married couple, youngsters looking for marriage, Expecting couple, young parents (Child age 0-7)

Category 2

Parents of 8- 15 yr old children


All family members

We will be more than delighted to conduct a workshop for you family. Contact us if you wish to organise a workshop for your family!

Anyone can become a parent, it is just biological, being a parent and providing a nourishing and catalytic role in the life of a child has to be well understood and lived systematically with awareness and discipline!

We are delighted to announce our first workshop series! You can organize this online workshop for your family, relatives and friends!

This workshop is offered as a seva, without any cost, to families that are willing to learn, take a sincere effort to understand the secrets and bring them into the family environment.

Our first workshop will be conducted on 24/01/2021 Sunday for a pre-registered audience!Contact us if you wish to organise a workshop for your kith and kin!

Message or Call 9841738069

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