New Batch of PSL -2 started

An online orientation was conducted for those who wish to enrol in PSL2. Twenty five persons have enrolled in the second level course. Two time slots have been announced, Saturdays 5pm to 8pm; Sundays 6am to 9am. Classes are offered both online and offline simultaneously.

Webinar by Anaadi Foundation 12 December 2020

An online webinar was organised by Anaadi foundation and Sn Shivarishi was invited to speak to participants. About 30 participants listened to the different views expressed by the speakers.

Maha Samadhi Divas 5&6 December 2020

This is the eleventh year of Maha Samadhi day of Sri Swami Satyananda. Usually devotees visit Rikhiapeeth during this month to participate in the Sita Kalyan and Yoga Purnima celebrations. This year since we organised an Aaradhana on the 5th and 6th December in honour of Sri Swamiji.

Rudrabishekam and Vedic Chanting

On 5th December 2020, Rudrabishekam was performed by Sn Shivarishi to the Bana Linda and the Panchayatana Devatas. Guru Aaradhana and Paduka Puja were performed, guided by Vedic scholars.

Vedic scholars were invited to chant three Vedas in the evening. Rig, Shukla Yajur and Krishna Yajur Veda, Sama Veda were chanted.

Lalitha Aaradhana

On 6th December 2020 morning Lalitha Sahasranama was chanted and devi was our AARADHAYA. Kirtans were sung

Kaumara Aaradhana

Devotees from Murugan Thiruvarut Sangam assembled on 6the evening and Thiruppugazh bhajan was performed.

The prasad of the AARADHANA were distributed in the form of Anna Danam to neighbours on both days. Hundreds of neighbours felt touched by Sri Swamiji’s grace.

Students of SEVA Shibiram attended the aaradhana with sufficient distancing.

Maha Kanda Sashti Vizha 15th -21 November 2020

Murugan Thiruvarut Sangam has been organising Maha Kandha Sashti Vizha for the last 66 years. We had the good fortune to co host the amazing Aradhana this year at our place

October 2019

27th October 2019 – Diwali

Satyananda Yoga Centre entered into its 15th year on the auspicious day of Diwali!

26th October 2019 : Yoga for Retiring employees of RBI

Zonal training academy of RBI requested us to conduct a Satyananda Yoga introductory session for their retiring employees. 17 persons attended the session and realized that with simple practices, it is possible to bring about a welcome change in the physical body, energy level and state of mind and have a peaceful life. 

Bala Mandir at Ramakrishna Math – Every Sunday 

Teacher trainees from SYC are conducting Satyananda Yoga sessions for children participating in Bala Mandir conducted by Sri Ramakrishna Math. 

Second Level Course

Sn Vidya Shakti is conducting a PSL – 2, second level course on Saturdays. About 20 persons are participating in the second level course

Yoga training for Veda Vidyarthis

Teachers and volunteers from Satyananda Yoga Centre visit the Chatur Veda Vidya Ganapathi Vedashram, Chengalpattu, every weekend and conduct Satyananda Yoga session on Saturday and Sunday for about 120 Veda Vidyarthis!

January 2016

1st January: New Year Special Sadhana

This year started with the most auspicious new year sadhana. We were fortunate to receive the divine paduka of Baghavan Swami Sivanandaji, which was worshipped by Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj the spiritual successor of Swami Sivananda. To read more click on the image below:


8th – 11th January 2016: Veda Sammelan

The second wave of grace poured over all of us in an overwhelming Vedic tone. As per the vision of the Vedic sage Shri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati of Kanchi Mutt, a Veda Sammelanam is being arranged in all parts of India over the last five decades. To read more and see some videos, click the image below: 


15th January: Pongal Celebrations

Pongal has been an very important and celebrations at Satyananda Yoga Centre – Triplicane. Even before the centre was started, Shri.NKT.Muthu, Chairman of Satyananda Yoga Education Charitable Trust, has been celebrating Pongal. Click this image to see how we celebrated pongal this year!


18th January: Yoga @ Varanasi

It was a call from Vishwanatha of Kashi! to see what led to a Divine experience click on this imageIMG_1972