The scheme of our classes is set with the view that in the beginning the yoga teachers of the centre are able to personally guide the students.

  • During the beginners course classes are conducted on a one to one basis.
  • The focus here is to establish the relationship between the tradition and the student and to help the student to harmonize the imbalances in the personality.
  • The content is chosen with care to prepare the learners for stimulating and vigorous learning that follows in future courses.
  • Learners are encouraged to get into the habit of finding their own space & time to practice yoga regularly on their own without depending on any support from external source.
  • Classes are conducted at the residence of the teacher. We do not visit any home to teach yoga, unless the person learning is very old or sick that they cannot travel to the teachers place.
  • When students request for a group class in their locality, the centre sends teachers to conduct classes.