Metamorphosis concurs with the law of conservation of matter. The potential of the butterfly is already present in the caterpillar thus the self imposed meditation of the caterpillar allows the metamorphosis to happen. Can we see a kitten metamorphose into any other form? It is not possible! The potential has to exist and then it is possible for a metamorphosis.

Yes! we have the potential of "Divinity" and hence can go through the metamorphosis! 

We as humans have the choice to live a life that represents sensuality or divinity! In order to express sensuality, there is no need to take effort! But in order to experience and manifest Divinity, a sustained and systematic effort is necessary!

The spiritual effort is called “SADHANA” – The self imposed cocoon, that a spiritual aspirant wraps oneself into, for a specific period of time, until the wings necessary for the aspirant to flutter into the spiritual horizon and drink the Amrit of spiritual illumination.

We are confined to self-limiting tendencies in our personality which make us live sub-human life in a human body! It is necessary to first recognize our SPIRITUAL potential! Then, it is necessary to identify the self limiting tendencies. Through a systematic sadhana these have to be removed.

Sn Shivarishi