Hari Om

Blessed Self,


I convey the blessings of or Guru Parampara to you and members of your loving family. I include you in my prayer that you fulfil your life purpose and experience everlasting bliss!

SEVA is the most powerful tool that has been recommended by illumined masters of all traditions. An environment filled with people dedicated to the purpose of perfecting selfless efficiency is favourable for an aspirant to imbibe such qualities from the natural environment!

Rikhiapeeth established by SRI SWAMI SATYANANDA in 1989 has the slogan “SERVE-LOVE-GIVE” and every activity is carefully designed to fulfil this sankalpa. People from all over the world come to Rikhiapeeth and offer their time, knowledge, skills, abilities, selflessly to uphold the slogan and live it as an experience.


The next SEVA SHIBIRAM group will be formed by end of August 2017. From September 2017, the Seva Shibiram course will commence, during the SIVANANDA JANMOTSAV celebration. The course will be spread over two years (Sep 2017 to August 2019).If you completed SADHANA SHIBIRAM at SYC – Triplicane or Madipakkam, you are eligible to apply for the Seva Shibiram course. 

I am delighted to invite you to join the intense SEVA SHIBIRAM experience at Rikhiapeeth. This year a team of SEVAK’s will visit Rikhiapeeth to participate in SEVA at Rikhiapeeth 14th November to 24th November during the Sita Kalyanam time.

It will be an intense “SEVA” experience and will be demanding. It is not a pleasure trip or excursion. It is only for those who wish to deepen the understanding of Yoga and Spirituality. 

It is suitable only for those who are healthy and fit students. Special medical care cannot be provided. Only students who have attended Sadhana Shibiram and other courses after that are welcome.

Those interested can contact 9841738069 for guidance!