You must have also been more intimate with your mother. So, if mothers master the science of yoga and understand it well, they can have a positive influence on their daughter’s development and the development of the whole family. Consequently, they can even bring about changes in society. It is not necessary for the men to become masters of yoga. In the scriptures it is not said that the father is the guru; it says the mother is the first teacher. The father and the mother have different roles to play. I lived in the lap of my mother for at least five years, not in the lap of my father.

– Swami Satyananda

satsangiOur beloved Swami Satsangi, is Sri Swami Satyananda’s choice to carry on the baton of this golden tradition’s wisdom to posterity! Being a woman, she holds the words of Sri Swamiji high through her very presence. Her leadership and dedication to her Guru, has been the catalyst of transformation of the entire Rikhia panchayat. She is our inspiration and our heart elates when we remember her every morning in prayer.

She is a great yogi and hence a hope for the whole of humanity.

Sri Swami Satyananda was a revolutionary in introducing yoga to women on a global level. He has also initiated millions of women into Sannyasa Diksha.

Satyananda Yoga Centre, has had the good fortune and opportunity to bring yoga into the life of thousands of women and girls. 

We have a pantheon of women yoga teachers in our tradition and at our centre also we have some of the finest women teachers, who conduct the Satyananda Yoga course specially designed for women. 

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