A baby helplessly surrenders to its mother, thus it is nourished in all ways within the womb and when born in the world! 

Guru is the spiritual mother, a disciple is Guru’s spiritual child! Guru conceives the disciple in the womb of wisdom!

A Guru goes through the labour of delivering the spiritual child. Out of the infinite compassion Guru gives everything that nourishes the disciple. But it is very important for the disciple to realise the helplessness and receive the nourishment that guru can give!

A disciple who retains the childlike nature of remaining spiritually dependent on Guru, will be nourished fully and awakens the hidden spiritual potential.

Only a person who has perfected discipleship understands the meaning of being childlike from personal experience. Only a perfect disciple has first hand experience of such a nourishment. 

Swami Niranjan

In Sri Swami Satyananda’s words, Swami Niranjan is taller than me, in all aspects.

Swami Niranjan is a personification of discipleship. Even today Swami Niranjan lives in a small room, which is called SHARANAGAT – meaning The one who has surrendered in the lotus feet of Guru!

If your eyes have met his form, if your lips have whispered his name, if your mind remembers his form, if your thoughts are filled with his teachings, if your life is guided by SWAN’s wisdom, you ca be sure – Awakened!