Gnaneshwari Pravachanam – Satsanga on Gnaneshwari

Hari Om

Blessed Self

With the blessings of our Paramesti Guru Baghavan Swami Sivananda and our Paramaguru Sri Swami Satyananda,

during this year’s Navaratri, from 3rd to 8th October 2022, Satyananda Yoga Centre will be organising a Satsanga Series.

Shri Raghunath Das Maharaj will take participants through a Satsanga on Gnaneshwari, the Marathi commentary by Sant Gnaneshwar of Srimad Bagavad Gita.

The lucid wisdom of Bagavad Gita in the illumined vision of Gnaneshwar will be rendered in beautiful Tamil.

I am delighted to invite each of you along with your family and friends to be in Satsanga during the auspicious time of Navaratri.

Looking forward to be in Satsanga.

Om Tat Sat