According to me, Yoga is a small light which helps people whose thoughts are fully drowned in dark ocean.  Small light helps people find their correct path out of the dark ocean. Likewise,yoga helped me and many people, to get on to our correct path and reach our destination from time to time.

Even though I learnt several practices, I was very much attracted to ‘Yoga Nidra’.  It helped me a lot in keeping my physical and mental stress away from me.

Basically, I was a person who forgets many things, especially in my studies.  I used to get frightened and tensed in each and every thing. According to me and people around me, I am the world’s patience-less girl who lacks self-confidence, who is very sensitive, etc.

But after doing Yoga exercises, especially Yoga Nidra and Pranayama, I was able to kick away all my negativity and problems from me.  Now I am a happy girl who enjoys life by facing all problems and taking decisions with a lot of self-confidence.

Soundarya. R, Student, Lady Sivaswamy H.S.S, Mylapore