Yogic Lifestyle – 3 things to do before going to bed

There is not a single person who would be willing to give away a restful sleep. It is so precious to everyone because it helps you to get an actual break from life an get back with more vigour to life!

Though everyone like a deep sleep, most people don’t sleep so well! This is the truth otherwise the facility to snooze the alarm for another five minutes would HV never been invented!

Most people do not sleep well! In the morning when they wake up, they feel that it will be nice if they could sleep a little more. If that’s not possible they anyways wake up feeling tired throughout the day.

How can one improve the quality of sleep? How can one feel completely refreshed and re charged after a nights sleep?

This post we wish to share with you three things that you could do and wake up totally refreshed.

What are the things that decide that your body will go to sleep?
1.) Physical Fatigue: As we go about doing all the activities of the day, we use different muscles, joints, organs and systems for a variety of activities. These consume energy and also exerts lots of pressure on them. Stiffness, tightness and rigidity all communicate the need for the body to get a relaxing, rejuvenating break.

2.) Mental Fatigue: After processing informations of different types, such as emotions, feelings, details, numbers, names, knowledge, and many more, a point comes when the processing capability slows down and the need for a break is internally communicated to the brain.

3.) Depleted Prana: The amount of prana in the body changes as it gets consumed by physical, mental activities.

While expenditure of prana, for needed physical and mental efforts is acceptable. Faulty thinking, Imaginary worrying depletes prana in huge chunks.

This also warrants the need for re charging the pranic battery.

When physical, vital and mental needfor replenishment  have been realized, then except for the Central Nervous System CNS, rest of the voluntary functions are temporarily switched off. This is indeed sleep.

While charging a mobile phone, if the phone is in continuous use, will it be able to charge properly? Is it not necessary to remove unwanted files to preserve the battery life? 

Before going to sleep, one should do few things that will ensure that sleep becomes rewarding, rejuvenating and restful.

1.) Bright Lights: At least three hours before going to bed, you should withdraw from bright lights like LED TV, Mobile screen, Video Games, Laptop or computer screens. Reading some book would be better than reading on a screen.

Going to bed immediately after seeing brights screens will not let the eyes and visual memories to get dissolved. Due to persistent visual stimulation, brain stimulation leads to disturbance of sleep.

2.) Eat at least Two hours before going to bed: A full stomach o food in stomach as per the physiological protocol demands that all the prana will be in the stomach. How can one get a good sleep, with a full tummy?

3.) Yoga before sleep: Just before sleeping, sitting on the bed certain yoga practices should be done. These practices have to be learnt from a well trained competent yoga expert.

Depending on the condition that a person is in, the yoga expert can draw up a yoga program. If you can spend a few minutes on your bed just before lying down, the desired goal of a rejuvenating, restful sleep can be easily attained.

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