Regular Practice is the Primary Pre-Requisite for success in Yoga!

Sannyasi Shivarishi

The greatest challenge for an adult is to identify the time and space regularly for the practice of Yoga, by themselves! At Satyananda Yoga Centre, the courses are designed in such a way that the learning is “A little at a time” that can be assimilated by regular practice, followed by further learning.

“Development of Self Awareness & Awakening of the hidden potential is the approach to the experience of yoga”

Systematic practice and expanded states of awareness allow one to awaken the hidden energy & manifest it in daily life as Creativity, Enthusiasm, and Empowerment. These result in faultless thinking and clutter free mind and disease free body.The courses are designed to gradually expand ones awareness from the grosser planes to the subtle plane & then develop the awareness that one is the awareness and not the things one is aware of. “Learning is Progressive”

In yogic learning there is a gradual transformation of the whole being. The body, mind, intellect, emotions, the energy; every part of the person engaging in yoga go through transformation.Each small movement can be a great leap in life with respect to that dimension of one’s personality. The process of evolution is set in motion.The courses conducted by Satyananda Yoga Centre, Chennai are planned carefully to give the time and space for the aspirant to adjust to the emerging changes.

Prathama Shibiram – PSL-1 (Beginners Course)

The beginners course is where we accept anyone approaching us for learning Satyananda Yoga.

Prathama Shibiram – PSL-2 (Intermediate Course)

The Second level course is suitable for graduates of PSL-1, designed to bring fitness, vitality. A course to strengthen the whole personality

Adhyatma Samskara (Spiritual Foundation Course)

This is a Spiritual foundation course and an empowering learning for transformation of the whole personality

SEVA Shibiram (Invoking Selflessness)

Chitta Suddhi is a prerewuisit for meditation! Seva provides this pruification

Mana Prasada Shibiram

The yogic wisdom converts the mind into anm amazing tool of harmony, creativity, this course introduces people to progress in the path of yoga’s higher steps

Mana Aikagriya Shibiram

After sufficient preparation, after laying a strong foundation through sincere practice, one can embark into the inner journey through this course

Prathama Shibiram – 1; Beginners Course 10 Weeks
Prathama Shibiram – 2; Intermediate Course 20 Weeks
Adhyatma Samskara Shibiram – Foundation Course 55 Weeks
Seva Shibiram – Course for invoking Spiritual seeds 105 Weeks
Mana Prasada Shibiram – Intense Course on Self Reflection3 Years
Mana Aikagrya Shibiram – Intense Course for Concentration 2 Years
Shravan Sadhana – Scriptural Study 5 – 7 years