Pratyahara Shibiram, is an intense and thorough course for total mind management. The yogic approach to intrinsic self transformation is revealed to the participants.

The practices of Pratyahara developed by Sri Swamiji are covered in detail and the principles of mind management based on Yogic, Vedantic scriptures, that will ensure a proper self assessment and self transformation can be effected.

A comprehensive transformation of the whole personality, oriented to achieving inner fine tuning and purification, rather than trying to correct external factors to feel good is meticulously covered and sufficient time with appropriate effort allows the teachings of the Rishis to be really imbibed in life!

A dynamic inner awareness with a well trained mind, senses, energies, thoughts, attitudes is developed over a period of three years of learning!

Asanas, Pranayama, Mudras & Bandhas, Shatkarmas, Pratyahara practices and several effective yogic self assessment methods are taught over a three year period!

The practices that promote, establish and enhance the progress into Pratyahara from several streams of Yoga are homogeneously introduced little by little in the weekly session.

Participants get the time to explore, the yogic practice introduced during weekly session, get an experience and gradually get soaked into the progressive experience and transformation that has been suggested in the scriptures as guided by the teaching traditions. Gradually and systematically the aspirant is guided through the path of total transformation of the personality.

The understanding required to implement the outcomes of the practices in daily life and convert every moment into a transformative catalyst is developed.