There is so much that can be obtained from the wisdom of yoga which has relevance to the modern human problems and maladies. Inspiring and informative workshops can be conducted for your people!

We have conducted Workshops and meaningful discussions for every environment in the last three decades. 

  • For Families 

  • In Corporate Environment

  • For Educational Institutions

  • For Youth 

  • For Health Management

  • For Professionals

  • In Arena of Sports

  • For Performing Artistes

Few sample workshops are detailed below. We can be contacted, to guide you and plan an interesting workshop, for your organisation. 

Workshop For Families

Variety of workshops can be conducted for families and members of families to bring individual empowerment and enhance family harmony and prosperity. Yoga can be beneficial to the child, youth, adult, old, convalescing and dying members of a family.

Globally, more and more people have found yoga improve their lives in every way. The fact that, when The Prime Minister of India proposed motion in UNO for celebrating International Day of Yoga 175 countries expressed their solidarity to the motion. This happened because the wings of yoga had already spread across to each and every nook and corner of the world! Thanks to the incessant initiative taken by the devotees of Sri Swami Sivananda!

We will be happy to bring your families into the healing fold of YOGA,

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Corporate Workshops

Every employee is an asset and resource to its organisation. If the resource is functioning at half their capacity, how would the individual be satisfied or grow. How would such an organisation be able to achieve its full.

In today’s modern world, people find it extremely improbable to balance between their work and life. Everything seems so smudged up. There is perineal stress and disturbance in harmony leading to disease, mediocrity and creates a vicious circle.

A timely yoga intervention in the lives of corporate executives can bring such a welcome change in the entire environment.

We provide professional services to corporate companies to improve the efficiency of their executives. Some of the organizations are mentioned here:

  • AMD
  • IBM
  • OTIS
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Workshops for Professionals – Master Stress

The life of professionals such as advocates, engineers, doctors, charted accountants, is extremely demanding, challenging and totally stressful.

we can offer excellent enhancing workshops for professionals. We have conducted several such workshop for doctors, charted accountants, advocates and engineers. One such interesting workshop is “MASTER STRESS”

We are so much used to being restless and stressed out, that we don’t even understand the meaning of the experience called as relaxation!

To feel relaxed almost everyone needs some trigger to stimulate them! Like a chocolate, coffee, smoke, sex, or need intoxication to forget themselves so much that they can temporarily become unconscious!

The world has tried the best of liquor, Hasish, Ganja, Sex, music, drama, food, touring  and everything else but have only miserably failed to have a complete and total experience of relaxation.

In the end instead of experiencing relaxation, they only became addicted to the habits and their experience of stress and suffering only intensified many fold. People who are unable to find such an escape route, suppress their conflicts, emotional burdens and intellectual confusion and suffer internally.

Why do people turn to self limiting addictive habits? You might be used to abusing yourself with substance like liquor or tobacco, and would be needing it because you are very stressed. You are free to continue what you feel is OK for you, though you are responsible for what you will have to face in the future!

Give yourself a chance to experience the perfect technique of relaxation. “YOGA NIDRA” is a brilliant practice developed by our Parama Guru Sri Swami Satyananda! Today, Yoga Nidra is a common name and used by most of the yoga teachers all over the world.
A 30 minute practice of yoga nidra can leave you rested, rejuvenated and deeply relaxed as if you have slept for as many as 8 hours.

To know more about yoga nidra read Yoga Publications Trust book “Yoga Nidra” by Swami Satyananda Saraswati

You can invite us for a totally relaxing workshop on “MASTERING STRESS” or any other workshop in your company.

Workshops for Yoga Education In Schools and Colleges

Yoga Education has been an important area of work for Satyananda Yoga Centre since 2005. Even before its inception Sn.Shivarishi has been involved in introducing yoga to educational institutions since 1995.

SYC has extended its expertise to schools all over Tamilnadu, and particularly in and around Chennai.

We have conducted workshops, lecture demonstrations, seminars, courses and classes for students, Teachers, Principals, even Management members of many schools.

ABC of Yoga Education

For teachers of Chindren Garden School, Mylapore

Teachers in schools are the third authority next only to Mother and Father! The expectation that a child has from a teachers is extremely demanding. The responsibility that is laid on the shoulders of a teacher are burdensome.

If teachers wish to have an enjoyable career experience, it is not enough, if they are capable of conducting classes in the best way. First of all they should be having an impressive and inspiring personality. Within themselves they should enjoy an inexhaustible level of energy and enthusiasm, boundless creativity, and a lot more!

On the contrary, most teachers are not even fit, where is the question of being creative. They try their best and somehow pull off the career.

ABC of Yoga Education is an eye opener to teachers. Hundreds of schools in Chennai have invited us to conduct this workshop for their teachers. The day long workshop helped them to do course correction, refine and fine tune themselves and find renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Amazing yet simple yogic tools that teachers can use to bring harmony in the classroom environment and bring a balance in their students are taught to teachers during the workshop.

You can invite us to conduct this illuminating workshop for your teachers!

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Workshop for Principals

The DAV Group of Schools functioning under the auspices of Arya Samaj, invited us to introduce yoga to their school children in 2006. We started our intervention in 2006, under the leadership of Smt.Lalitha Chandrasekharan, the then Principal of DAV Girls Senior Secondary School, Gopalapuram. Our first batch of +1 and +2 students were about 160. In the year 2016, the last year when we offered our expertise to the group of schools, 9600 children across seven schools under their management attende the course.

Seeing the efficacy of the program, after enjoying the rich benefits, the school lapped up our service and asked us to offer courses for their teachers, parents. In 2012 before the schools reopened, Satyananda Yoga Centre conducted a day long workshop for Principals and Head Mistress of all their schools in Chennai. The members of the management also participated and Shri.Jaidev Chowdhry, the secretary of the school joined us in the evening for the valedictory function of the workshop.

Online Workshops During the Pandemic

From April 2019 to December 2021 when the whole world was completely locked down we had the brilliant opportunities to offer guidance to thousands of Individuals and Several organisations through online workshops

For the Reserve Bank Farming College, Pune, For all Managers of Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank, all over India and for Teachers of KC High International School workshops were conducted.

The response from participants of these online workshops was such a fulfilling experience during these most difficult times that we could make a positive impact in their lives.

Parenting Secrets in a Dynamic World

A panel of Yoga Experts, Educationists, Doctors, from Allopathic and Ayurvedic streams were formed to conduct a series of online workshops to guide parents in positively using Yogic wisdom in Positive Parenting.

Participants from all over the world appreciated the initiatives, participated well and received the inputs with gratitude to the Parampara of Rishis.