Mechanics of Imbalance

To maintain balance one should possess certain traits in life. These traits have their roots in several aspects of our personality. Pancha Kosa Viveka, the yogic perspective being complete,  provides a 360° view of the personality & provides tools for realigning any imbalance that might have established in any of these layers of one’s personality.

To express balance in life, one should have these qualities well developed in each of these five dimensions. Through a systematic and disciplined approach that is popularly known as YOGA it is possible to develop the qualities needed for expressing balance in life.

While there is ample wisdom available in the yogic traditions, understanding of the mechanics of imbalance will be very useful and handy in restoring & maintaining B..A..L..A..N..C..E!

Are we born with imbalances?
When the person is born in this world, the personality is fresh; ready to get into any mold, there is absolutely no resistance to any experience. Ones personality is developed through the inputs, activities one is exposed to.

“It is the responsibility of parents, families and society, to provide nourishing, uplifting and positive influences in this crucial period”

If sufficient care is taken during these years – the first twelve years; then balance will be the natural quality with which one would participate and respond to the situations, needs and eventualities of life.

The inputs of imbalance can begin at this tender age. The physical health, lifestyle, habits, attitudes, thought process, communication, culture of the parents and family harmony have a debilitating or enriching influence on the child. No wonder why the yogic culture speaks about the importance of SAMSKARA.

Of course! the influence of society, in the type of literature it promotes, the type of entertainment opportunities that are available through movies, games, media, music, dance and culture also have an influence at a later time in life. When one is a youth!

The self image is almost finalized by this time. The personality is almost intact. This is the foundation of ones personality. In yogic terms this is called as AHAMKARA.

One responds to all the experiences of life based on this self image. This propels one to consider something as a worthwhile goal in one’s life.

If this self image of an individual has not been constructed carefully, clear understanding by those who are contributors – Parents, family, friends, relatives, teachers, society; then the mechanics of imbalance begins from here!

Till about twenty five or even till thirty years, one’s body is in the growth cycle. During this period one is also very ambitious. One is ready to take all the strain to grow in life. All these strains have their toll on the all the five aspects of one’s personality. Since it the growth cycle, the effects do not show outside. They start corroding the foundations of the personality.

Professional, personal, social and other causes that induce stress are felt in the mind and body, however they are countered by the ambition and the burn out is only at the physical level. Since one is in the growth cycle period of life they do not feel the burn out & its effects on the body. When termite eats into a building nothing is visible in the beginning. it is only when they have finished everything inside and nothing can be done that they show themselves.

This burn out also happens in the same way. It is only when the corrosion has completely tampered any one or some of the five dimensions of the personality, that it is realized as a disease.

How to know that I am affected? What are the symptoms of the imbalance? 

 In every aspect of nature one can find the element of balance. And it makes everything serene, beautiful and of-course BALANCED.

The Yogic seers  consider that nature is supported by  two fundamental components Shiva(Consciousness) and Shakti(Energy). This is represented by the image of Ardhanariswara.

This balance is found in every aspect of nature. You can find it in the rose & the thorn, the peak of the mountains & the abysmal valleys, in the boundless oceans & the endless sky. open your senses, look around & you will behold this balance in every aspect of nature.

What mostly misses in the human life is a lack of awareness resulting in a lack of alignment with this wonderful sense of balance. When one takes to the practice and lifestyle of yoga automatically the element of balance will begin to blend into every fiber of ones personality

The scheme of yoga as a system of practices is arranged in such a way that the following aspects will get imbibed in life.

  • Physical strength, Flexibility, Endurance at the physical level
  • Vitality, enthusiasm at the pranic level
  • Emotional strength & maturity
  • Creative & intuitive intelligence
  • Subtle understanding
  • Clarity of thoughts
  • Flawless communication
  • Effective execution of thoughts 

These qualities become the hallmark of a person who takes to yoga. When such qualities are expressed and manifested in one’s life then such a person is able to handle the demands of life from a much balanced & a very resourceful space.

When one finds this balance then naturally all the extreme experiences are avoided a harmonious flow of energy and expansion of awareness takes place.

In these pages it is the method proposed by yoga that will be found for the thirsty & longing soul.

Workshop at Thoughtworks by Swami Atmabishek, Sannyasi Tulsi and Sannyasi Shivarishi