Satyananda Yoga Centre actively collaborates with the society through individuals and through several organisations, to create opportunities for all to have contemporary, researched authentic inputs about Yoga as a system of self development, to help them improve the quality of their lives.

Several programs, ranging from one time  session of 45 minutes to year long periodic interventions have been conducted effectively to the benefit of a variety of people from different strata of society.

Our association has been with every aspect of the fabric of human development, which include, Educational institutions, corporate multi national companies, Government departments, Government undertakings, Private firms, Spiritual and cultural associations, Sports academies for more than two decades.

Indian Army

We had the privilege of providing our expertise to the Military officers and Jawans of Rashtriya Rifles in Pulwama, Kashmir, which was one of the most satisfying contribution that we have made in the three decades of teaching till 2019. For obvious reasons pictures of the yoga sessions conducted in the regiments for our Army in Kashmir aren’t shared here!

Satyananda Yoga was introduced to the Gorkha Regiment along with several other regiments of Rashtriya Rifles.

The life and situations of the army in Pulwama and in and around Kashmir is extreme. The conditions in which army person perform their daily duties, is un-imaginable.

Apart from the regular challenges that are faced by any army person, the psychological and political pressures have terrible bearing on all of them due to unique conditions of Kashmir warrants for a special contribution that yoga can make for the members of our Army.

Satyananda Yoga practices and the methodology of teaching with the understanding of the context of their extreme life situations was appreciated by the Army personnel.

Several Asanas, breathing techniques and Yoga Nidra, were introduced according to the specific needs of the regiments.

DTRTI – Direct Taxes Regional Training Institute

In Chennai a very active institute for training officers of he department of Income Tax, DTRTI has been functioning. This institute trains all their personnel from southern region. Both technical, professional training and life skills training are offered in this institute. We have been regularly invited introducing yoga for several outcomes, to officers from south zone.

The programs were so popular that DTRTI even rolled out exclusive yoga courses as part of their institute’s offering!  Some of the officers who’ve gone through our long term courses have even become yoga propagators, who offer it as a seva to several people in different walks of the society!

SYC has offered its expertise to DTRTI and the Department of Income Tax for over a decade.

Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham

For several years we have been conducting Satyananda Yoga programs for the Veda Vidyarthis of several Veda Patasalas.

Recently Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham organised an Adhyapaka Sammelanam at Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham.

Acharyas from Veda Patasalas attended the two day Sammelanam to discuss various matters and streamline the process of Veda Adhyayanam.

Addressing the Acharyas of Veda Patasalas

With the blessings of His Holiness Sri Shankara Vijayendra Saraswati Swamigal, Acharya of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, an eye opening session was conducted for the Acharyas.

We propose to introduce Yoga to Vidyarthis at all Veda Patasalas.


Board of Control for Cricket in India has availed our expertise for over a decade for giving Yoga exposure to cricketers from all over India. For over a decade Sn Shivarishi has been the authorised coach for BCCI.

Women Team India

On the request of the Womens Board of Control for Cricket Sn Shivarishi has conducted yoga classes for the Team India, Women in 2003 as part of their Team India Coaching camp that was held at Sri Ramachandra Grounds in Porur.

South Zone Training

As part of the South Zone Training for India Probables, Yoga sessions have been conducted for the South Zone cricketers on the request of BCCI.

TNCA Ranji Team

The Tamilnadu Cricket Association has also appointed SN Shivarishi as their official coach for over a decade to introduce yoga to the members of Tamilnadu Team.

Taminadu Police

Over the last thirty years the Tamilnadu Police have requested us to introduce yoga to their  department personnel at all their ranks from constables to their IG.

Several courses have been conducted in their training centres, public venues, and at our centres, and in jails.

Yoga programs have been conducted for general physical fitness, improving their personality, Stress management, obesity management.

The extraordinary situations, which is the normal in the daily life of a policeman, is difficult for others outside to understand. We had the opportunity to see the childlike love and affection of apparently rough and tough policemen, who are accused of being insensitive and corrupt! They too are human and with all emotions.

Dr.Sailendra Babu, Commissioner Shri.Kalimuthu, Dr.Natarajan, IG Murugan, IG Acharya have availed our service for improving the health of police personnel.


Reserve Bank Staff Training College & RBI Regional Training Institute

For more than two decades, we have been conducting yoga training as part of the regular programs offered by Reserve Bank Zonal Training Centre and RBI Staff Training College in Chennai. 

For the last twenty two years we have conducted programs in their campuses in Chennai. Currently due to the pandemic times, we are offering our yoga programs through their online model. This has paved a way for RBI zonal training centers across India to collaborate with us to offer our programs PAN Bharath

Below is a picture of an online session conducted by SYC for ZTC Chennai recently

Sri Ramakrishna Math & Mission

Yoga Training for the Swamis and Bramhacharis

Under the leadership of Swami Vimurthananda Manager Maharaj, Sri Ramakrishna Math, Mylapore, Chennai and with the blessings of His Holiness Swami Gowthamanandaji Maharaj, Vice President Sri Ramakrishna Mission, Sn Shivarishi has been conducting classes for the Swamis and Bramhacharis of the Sri Ramakrishna Order.

Yoga for Leprosy survivors

SYC has been blessed by Ramakrishna Mission abundantly. Over the last three years, we have been teaching yoga to patients who’ve recovered from leprosy at Sri Ramakrishna Math.  We conducted classes once a week and introduced Asanas, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Mantra Yoga, Kirtan, Guided Meditation!

Bala Mandir

Every year Sri Ramakrishna Math, has been conducting a special camp during summer for children. For the last three years SYC has been requested by Sri Ramakrishna Math to conduct yoga as part of the “Balamandir” program.

Children have expressed great delight attending the yoga program over the last three years.

Teachers trained by SYC have taken yoga in a fun filled and enjoyable way to children during the program. Even during COVID-19 pandemic, SYC supported the online Bala Mandir program that RK Math offered from 1st to 5th June 2020.

Online Yoga for children during the Pandemic

Since the Pandemic had frozen all the activities in 2020, Sri Ramakrishna Math conducted their annual Bala Mandir program as an online program and a lovely video was produced to teach yoga to children as part of the online camp.

Your children can follow this video and experience an enjoyable yoga session!

Satyananda Yoga for Antar Yogam 

The Antar Yogam program offered by Sri Ramakrishna Math is famous all over the world. It is a specially designed program for grihastha devotees. As part of Antar Yogam, a simple introduction to Satyananda Yoga to enhance Antar Yogam is being conducted regularly. 

Vivekananda Navratri

The nine days that Swami Vivekananda stayed in Chennai at Ice house which is now known as Vivekananda Illam, is celebrated annually as Vivekananda Navaratri, with devotion and fervour.

The second day is dedicated to Yoga. Satyananda Yoga Centre coordinates and guides the days yoga experience session with participants at the historical Vivekananda Illam!

Tycoon Academy

The reason for Introducing Tycoon Yoga is to Harmonise “Physical, Mental, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual” aspects to Aspiring Chartered Accountants & Finance Professionals. Chartered Accountants are the Nations Conscious Keepers who partners in Nation Building being alphabets of trust. Due to this reason Yoga was introduced for bringing efficiency and effectiveness in the duty of students of CA who pursuing with Tycoon Academy. Every students undertook the session with loads of passion and interest was able to get clear dimension due to Yoga Mentorship of Swami Sivarishi Ji – of Satyananda Yoga Centre, Chennai. We are also planning to provide advanced courses of Yoga to students of Tycoon Academy. 


It has been our wish to introduce yoga to all professionals, so that they become aware of themselves and their responsibilities to society. However, when they become a professional, their life become so competitive that they are jut unable to learn a discipline like yoga due to extreme pressures misplaced priorities.

Thanks to Sri Ramakrishna Math, we got introduced to TYCOON ACADEMY a budding training institute that operate from the divine premises of Sri Ramakrishna Math,Mylapore!

Satyananda Yoga Centre conducted a beginners course for the first batch TYCOON students, we are delighted to know that the first batch of TYCOON foundation course have done outstandingly well!

Indian Post

For over a decade Satyananda Yoga Centre has conducted programs for the employees of Indian Postal service at every level, from the post man to the Post Master General.

we have been requested by the department to conduct courses, lectures, workshops and awareness programs over the years.

If you wish to arrange for any such program for your people we have our experts all over the world