You can invite our experts to conduct an experiential Yoga Workshop to guide you and your team at your work place, in your institution, organization, even in your community! The workshops can be on a variety of topics that would be relevant and eye opening.

We are presenting some of the workshops that we have conducted in the past. Please write to us on our email id

Anyone can just become a parent! It’s biological!
Being a positive parent warrants a healthy and resourceful personality!


The wisdom of Yoga, is stunningly relevant in the current context of a highly volatile, materialistic and competitive life! The professional and career preferences are racing past a meaningful life, which provides opportunity for one to experience satisfaction, fulfilment!

Vedic and Yogic wisdom traditions have a deep, clear and long standing understanding of human mind, its development from Pre conception to geriatric stages of life! As a parent and as a person who might be playing parenting role in a family or in the society, one should have an understanding of these developmental stages of a child’s mind.

Development milestones appropriate behaviour, communication and environment have to understood and efforts have to be taken to align oneself with these understanding.
Our workshop “Yoga for Positive Parenting” will help participants to have an understanding about Postitive parenting secrets from the yogic perspective!

We have conducted this workshop hundreds of times, thousands of families have found ways to discover harmony, nourishment, fulfilment, satisfaction for all.

Yatra Naryaastu Pujyante Ramante Tatra Devata
Yatraitaastu naPujyante sarvaastatra Aphala Kriya

Manu Smriti 3-56

Women represent the receptive and nourishing quality of nature! Their intuitive faculty is gifted with sharpness and clarity. In most cases, women are able to intuitively perceive intentions and outcomes that are apparently clouded.

In our yogic traditions there have been many yogis, rishis and siddhas who were women and they are held in a high pedestal in our traditions. Andal, Anusya, Arundhati, Lopamudra, Gargi, Sarasavani, Avvayar, Karaikkal Ammaiyar, Mirabai and in modern times Anandamayi Ma, Mata Amritanandamayi, our own Guru Swami Satyasangananda Saraswati, have been great transmitters of Spiritual wisdom.

This workshop is conducted with the understanding of the physical, hormonal roller coaster that the woman’s body goes through in their life time. Yoga can be a Sakhi-the best friend to every woman. Yoga can help a woman to grow up in dignity and grace. As a strong person.

Satyananda Yoga Centre is a woman led organisation, most of our teachers are awesome women who have transformed themselves into strong, intelligent and compassionate contributors to the society.

We have conducted a special workshop for young women in colleges in Chennai over the last decade and reached out to thousands of young women. The workshop was conducted in the name of the great Tamil poet and bhakta Sri Andal, who is known as “KODHA”

From the feedback we received from women about their experience with yoga, we find that yoga has been such a rewarding and promising catalyst for their personality to bloom.

You can organise workshops for women in your organisation! You can connect with us to plan a workshop