Humans are on the pinnacle of nature’s creation & the uniqueness is that we are endowed with the ability to know & choose. Since we have choice, we can choose a goal in life. Evolving into highest spiritual possibility and becoming free from all sorts of afflictions – Moksha can never be over emphasized.

Though the time and effort required for Self Realization is as less as the time & effort required for a sharp pin to pierce through a rose petal, the preparation of the person suitable for such penetration to happen is a long & arduous uphill task. Usually when people come to yoga for casually learning yoga, they have some expectations pertaining to health, need for stress relief or some other expectations. Their expectations are also time bound. When their expectations do not fulfill within the allowed time they generally give up practices of yoga, lose interest & motivation.

The Seers, Yogis & Siddhas, the formulators of YOGA have conceived a scheme for human evolution in the Yoga tradition which is revealed to the student during the Adhyatma Samskara Shibiram. A systematic study of Yoga under the supervision of competent teachers is taken up for a long duration; which brings about a thorough understanding of the aspirant. This course is not for casual learners, it is for those who are willing to commit themselves for allowing Yoga to lead them towards the highest possible goal of human life.

Sadhana Students
Sadhana Students Batch 1

The graduates of Pratama Shibiram – 2, can seek admission in Sadhana Shibiram; however admission to the course will depend on decision taken by the acharyas which they would do by observing the aspirants and through non academic and traditional methods.

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Batches 12,13 &14 @ SYC Madipakkam

Three batches were conducted , under the guidance of Sn Shivarishi. This centre is not functioning now. Due to personal reasons Veda had to stop teaching!

Batch 16

Adhyatma Samskara Shibiram Batch 1

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