What one can achieve in one’s life, depends on what one knows, what one believes and what one wants to achieve in life and how much one is ready to strive towards it.

We have just presented these icons, who are stalwarts in their own respective fields and still followed by millions even now, after they have left the world several years before. While we are fortunate to have some of them still among us as bright stars for us to emulate, follow and learn.

Below you will see the top five people in recent history responsible the biggest genocides so far. They stand for, Sadism, cruelty, blood thirsty, hegemony and horrendous.

143249-benito-mussoliniAdolf HitlerPolpotidi_aminStalin

A human being can scale to Divine and sublime heights on one side or can stoop to the lowest demonic abyss. It is a very small fringe population that reaches to the top of either side.

More than 90% of the human population remain mediocre. They are just survivors. They are the consumers. They are either running away from something that is unknown, or they are running towards achieving something, hoping that what they achieve will help them get what they are running for. Most of the time they only become tired and exhausted.

Their life is characterized by aggression, desires, passions, fears, frustrations, sickness, suffering, survival, tyranny, vengeance, depression, and other such negative states. Ultimately dissatisfaction is what such people are left with. 

We are not born as humans, to feel inadequate, to feel inner bankruptcy. What could be a worthy pursuit, is it fame, is it prosperity or success, wealth, progeny. These questions arise in the mind of everyone who have faced the ups and downs of life.  Sadhana Shibiram is a commitment that we make to investigate into this question and a resolve to understand the truth.

 The scriptures call us as “CHILDREN OF GOD” . 

अमृतस्य पुत्राः उत्तिषटत जाग्रत प्राप्य वरान निबोधत| 

These are the words used by the Upanishads to address us. This is clear direction to us. We are here to realize the divinity that we are, here and now. Not in the future, after death. The rishis who tread this path, which was tread by their Guru, have handed over this living tradition for each one of us to tread and pass on to our descendants. All the great masters have left behind a grand legacy. We have a so many living traditions in our nation.

This is the path of sadhana and is open for anyone irrespective of cast, creed, gender, religious affiliations or beliefs.

It is open and available for everyone who aspires to explore and discover, inner fullness and completeness. It is a path to be diligently tread with care, courage and conviction.

This is the expectation from an aspirant who enrolls in Sadhana Shibiram.


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