The Promise of Sadhana – A Strong, Flexible, Agile, Enduring personality

What should be the outcome of the strengthening and development of the whole personality? Who should be the first beneficiary of such an outcome?

Shiva Rishi

What is the use of you doing an intense one hour yoga practice every day and still be the same petty minded, limited person for the rest of the day?

How will your family, colleagues, neighbors, feel that you are involved in something that is useful to you and beneficial to them?

Yoga Sadhana should first manifest as an enhanced personality! You have to be a blessing to every entity and every relationship in life. The fact that you are involved in yoga sadhana, should first make life simpler, enjoyable and rewarding to your spouse, children, family first.

If you are regular with yoga sadhana, all the aspects of the personality will be fine tuned and strengthened. Physically, you will be stronger, flexible, enduring, agile, Vitally energetic, balanced, Mentally relaxed, focused, wise, creative, positive, courageous, careful, responsible. Blissfully expanded, Spiritually oriented.

Sustained regular yoga sadhana will bring about a metamorphic change in your personality. Your upgraded personality will first benefit you! Several studies and our observation have shown that, even in the case of cancer patients, leprosy patients and persons affected by PSTD have experienced that regular practice has helped them boost their quality of life.

Your quality of Life will obviously improve. You are the first beneficiary of regular yoga sadhana. Irrespective of whatever is happening in your life, what is your position financially, socially, career, health, at the moment, Yoga Sadhana will anyways improve the quality of your life. This outcome is however not a goal of yoga sadhana!

Improvement of quality of life is an inevitable outcome of Yoga Sadhana!