In this imagery of Lord Vishnu in Ananta Sayanam, we see that the sustainer of the entire creation is found in the most relaxed disposition. We have to also observe, that prosperity personified as Lakshmi is at the feet of Lord Vishnu. From the very navel of Lord Vishnu sprouts forth the lotus on which is seated Lord Bramha, the personification of creativity. 

An insightful understanding of this imagery will reveal to us, how  a relaxed disposition, brings creativity, prosperity as a natural manifestation. Relaxation begets creativity and is served by prosperity.

Practices of Satyananda Yoga give a deep sense of dynamic relaxation. In order to awaken the creative potential, to express positive responses to the situations in life and to experience prosperity, the quality of dynamic relaxation has to be developed and applied during each and every dimension of life.

 A passive experience of relaxation in a controlled or an artificial environment like a yoga class, while is very beneficial to the practitioner, is useful in unburdening the emotional load that accumulated during the day’s transaction or in life. Experience of deep relaxation, gained during a Satyananda Yoga class, allows you to believe that it is possible to be free from stress and tension. 

From a benefit that one can get as a result of a practice, the quality of a dynamic relaxed disposition, is permanently experienced by a consistent practitioner of Satyananda Yoga. 

The practices of Satyananda Yoga Nidra™, Kaya Sthairyam, Visualization Meditation, Breath Meditation and Antar Mouna, are introduced during the Sadhana Shibiram. 

With sustained, systematic and long term practice, a relaxed, meditative state of inner peace, can be realized as one’s intrinsic nature. 


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