Aim of the Prathama Shibiram!

From the Desk of Shiva Rishi

Hari Om

Since I started the basic course module, I’ve been wondering what is the aim of this course & what are the benefits that one can get?

Since I started teaching Simplified Kundalini Yoga in 1993, I was an immature and impatient teacher. From 1993 to about 2000 several intense initiatives were taken by me to reach out to as many people to introduce them to the spiritual tradition.

To my shock & surprise not even 5% were continuing practice, which I realized when I interacted with them. As many as 7000 people were introduced by me to SKY during this period.

When all of them knew that the practices were very useful & they also did not disagree with me about the efficacy of the practices. What made them to stop practice or drop out? When I started to think deeply about why this was happening & what can be done to minimize this phenomenon, I started looking at what were leaders doing to change this condition.

Most of the organizations were trying to keep the training very interesting, they were continuously inventing innovative ways to share their wisdom. However the mind that ever craves for variety respond in no better a way!

Unless one is intellectually convinced, has a clear & practical approach to bringing regularity the fate of the learning would be the same. There are of course few people who because of destiny or due to their intrinsic nature were able to become regular with practice & start enjoying the benefits of the learning. This was common to any field for that matter.

Hence at Satyananda Yoga Centre, Triplicane, I decided that there will be a connection period spread over ten weeks, which will be called as the Prathama Shibiram – 1.

When someone approaches Satyananda Yoga Centre, we decided that we will throw light and draw their attention to discover the need to first of all find the time in their daily life and space in their home or elsewhere where they can be by themselves and practice yoga for the duration of time that they plan to invest every day for self development & self attunement.

We decided that we will not promise any change or benefit for attracting anyone for attending the Satyananda Yoga courses offered by SYC, Triplicane, Chennai. Instead we decided that the aim of a student of yoga will be to find the time & space to become regular with the practices of yoga within the period of ten weeks, over which the course is spread.

We conduct classes only once a week & ask the students to find the time & space to practice whatever little they have learnt in a weekly class from SYC – This in fact is the aim of the basic course-1.