Management and Heads of institutions of DAV Group of Schools in a workshop conducted by Satyananda Yoga Centre

About 25000 teachers from about 300 schools in Chennai and few schools in rest of Tamilnadu have attended the eye opening workshop and yoga programs conducted by Sn.Shivarishi over a period of fifteen years.

Harmonising the learning environment
The sharp spikes of the learning environment have to be removed. The people involved in the environment include…

  • Educationists
  • Trustees of Education Trusts
  • Correspondents
  • Principals
  • Head Masters
  • Teachers
  • Non Teaching staff
  • Drivers of Vehicles
  • Parents
  • Students

A harmonious and intellectually stimulating, creative environment is a necessity for any learning to happen. If the people involved in the process are having these above mentioned qualities, you can expect the academic environment to be a nourishing environment for every student in particular and absolutely rewarding for those who are part of it.


The teacher goes through monotony in their job! Year after year, it is the same thing that they have to teach! There is no scope for improvement or progress in their career! In addition to this predicament, they have to deal with difficult children with attitudinal volatility!

Monotony and impertinence on the part of students cause several psychological knots and entanglements. This can lead to psycho-somatic disorders!

The approach of the head of their institution and the outlook of the management that runs the school, also can have a refreshing or precipitating effect on the resource manifestation of the teacher!Attitude and behaviour of parents and those in parenting roles also affect the teacher and the entire environment.

While these are true, the behaviour or the attitude of anyone in the above list cannot be rectified, altered or transformed by a helpless teacher. Minimal effect may be exercised over a few students.

This helpless condition of the teacher, who is bombarded’ on all sides, leaves the person in a vulnerable condition!

A vulnerable teacher is like a detonated hand grenade! Can cause lot of damage to the student community and the learning environment.

It is not enough if a teacher is skilled, knowledgeable and capable of teaching well. A teacher with a weakness in their personality, needs help and guidance to empower their personality.

Educational institutions should invest in providing training beyond academic aspects to their teachers and help them be empowered and better persons, apart from being a good teacher.