Anandhi Jeyagopal (Sn Shivankari)

Anandhi is our youngest teacher! She is the daughter of Sn.Shivarishi and Sn.Vidyashakti. Anandhi has imbibed the yogic way of life from her parents and from our Ashram as a child.

She has played on the lap of her father’s Guru and Gurubhais. From early childhood she received the blessings of all the Sadhus and Gurus who came to her Father’s centre.

Her exposure to Guru, Ashram and Spiritual Lifestyle started at a very early age of 3 and a half. She met her Guru, Paramahamsa Swami Niranjananda Saraswati at the sacred grounds of Rikhiapeeth in December 2003.

Anandhi has completed her Ayurvedic Medicine course BAMS with a Gold Medal. She underwent yoga training from Sn.Shivarishi over the years. Completed the beginners course, Second Beginner’s course, completed Sadhana Shibiram, Pratyahara & Seva Shibiram at Satyananda Yoga Centre.

Anandhi has accompanied trips every year to the ashram over the last two decades.

Anandhi completed her TTC from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Uttar Kashi and is presently undergoing a year long Ashram Life Experience program at Bihar School of Yoga

She will be formally conducting classes from 2024.