Arthi Sathya

Genuine and keen interest to learn, patience, faith and sincere effort to give what she received from her teachers has helped her turn most difficult situations of life into a meaningful life.

She bravely completed Prathama Shibiram 1&2, a two year Teacher Training course, she is presently attending Sadhana Shibiram with Sn Shivarishi!

Arthi conducts basic level course, and specially designed course for cancer patients as a SEVA!

My journey with Satyananda Yoga Centre, Triplicane, began some 5 years back. I joined as a student to overcome my health issues which i had then.

It was with the help of my mentor Shri Shiv Rishi Ji and blessings of guru parampara, I was able to come out of the difficult situations I had been through. It was through ShivRishi ji’s and my well wishers’ encouragement and motivation, I joined teacher training program in 2016.

Another reason for me to take up this program was that i felt that whatever benefits I got out of yoga, i should give it back to the society.

It was an intense and in-depth 2 year teacher training program. During this training period, got the opportunity to teach in few schools as part of service.It was a great learning experience which i thoroughly enjoyed.

Now as a teacher, i have been enjoying my teaching experiences meeting different types of people covering all ages with different expectations.

Feel extremely happy and blessed when they share their experiences of their transformations in their lives. I feel every teaching experience has been a great learning experience for me.