Creativity is born out of Relaxation

– Sannyasi Shiva Rishi

It is in a relaxed and confident mind that creative ideas flow effortlessly. A child’s self esteem is positively influenced by regular practice of yoga. The ability to see, hear, smell, taste or touch what does not exist, allows one to create those for others to experience. A creative person is able to perceive the possibility of something that does not exist in the world of time and space, such a potential exists in the mind of children.

The ability to relax, to imagine, visualize, vocalize give a form and shape, a rhythm, and bring the perceived into the world of space and matter develops naturally for anyone practising yoga. It is all the more effective in awakening the creativity of children as children are less grossified and their mind is much more receptive than the grossified mind of adults.

The ability to accept people, situations and experiences helps a person to relax. This disposition allows one to know the strengths and weakness of oneself and also that of others.