Concentrating, Remembering, Recalling, Analysing, Concluding, Understanding, are some of the aspects of personality that need to be developed. The utilization of both hemispheres of the brain, are all mental dimensions. We expect a child to have all and more of these abilities, but do not provide any systematic approach to develop these abilities. There is no method provided to a child to clear the conscious, subconscious and unconscious clutter.

The yogis have developed a systematic method of awakening, developing and elevating all the higher mental abilities and sustain them in peak level performance.

The introduction of yogic disciplines as part of an educational curriculum will only be the most appropriate inclusion! Without proper tools for this aspect of the child’s personality the education program remain incomplete!

Teachers need to somehow enlarge their responsibilities to deal with the metaphorical, the spiritual and inspirational. They have dwelt too long on the safe ground of lectures, textbooks, tests and grades

– Sri Swami Satyananda