CYF08 116

A growing child’s physical body has to be carefully strengthened. Play is a healthy way to strengthen the physical body! Up to the age of seven the child is in a state of harmony with nature, their body is still growing and it can be developed to be a powerful instrument, provided they get opportunity to stimulate, stretch, and use the different limbs.

The physical aspect which is made of a complex coordination of 

  • Supportive Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Metabolic Systems

Supportive System:

Skeletal, Musculature and the linkages between them forms the supportive system. In children supportive system is in a developmental stage and cannot be grown in mass until the child enters 9 years of age. Up to the age 8 play is the best way to utilize the muscles. Yoga should be started at the age of 7 or 8. If started at least before the age of 12 that will be the most beneficial.

Posture, Physical fitness in terms of Flexibility, Strength, Endurance and Agility are effectively and harmoniously developed when yoga is introduced to children.

Control Systems:

The nervous and endocrine system, including the brain and the endocrine glands play a key role in the development of sexual maturation, independent self image, mental abilities and behaviour, depending on how the different hormonal secretions contribute to the changes in these conditions.

Early introduction to yoga as a samskara and as a childhood fun activity, ensures a well developed mental personality, with balanced behaviour and development of higher mental abilities. 

Metabolic Systems:

Childhood is a period of higher level of anabolism and lower level of catabolism. The different organs and systems that are part of metabolism are in a developmental stage for children less than 8 years of age. 

Yoga practices introduced to children can develop very healthy metabolic organs and systems providing a strong foundation in terms of the nourishment and growth. Regular practice of yoga from a young age will prevent many developmental disorders and make children healthy.