Boost your “IMMUNITY”

CORONA Virus has made everyone realise the importance of having strong IMMUNITY!

Power, Wealth, Fame, Clout, Contacts, Authority, Knowledge, nothing has he capacity to protect anyone!

President of America, Prime Minister of United Kingdom and Home Minister of India weren’t spared!

Shri.S.P.Balasubramaniam or Shri.Vasanth Kumar couldn’t be saved! Thousands of our friends and relatives are affected by the pandemic and nothing could stop these developments.

The most powerful economies have crumpled down, many airline companies and many hospitality industry giants have announced more than 50% lay off!

Thousands of people have gone into deep depression, the plight is simply unimaginable!

The only thing that matters is you have to be! to live, itself is the greatest achievement! What really matters is, how strong I your IMMUNITY?


Food becomes the Body, Prana and Mind! Food when eaten with understanding and respect heals and nourishes the body, prana and mind!

When food is eaten out of habit or pleasure, causes imbalance and results in disease!

Same food when partaken with gratitude and regard, becomes a catalyst for transformation!

Candogya Upanishad refers to food as the outcome of the Yagna in which rain is the oblation and earth is the fire! In the next stage of transformation, food becomes an oblation into the fire in the human body known as Jaataraagni.

A balanced and Satwic diet, helps in keeping the immunity at its best!


The system of Asanas found in the system of Ha-Tha yoga emphasises the importance of practice of Asanas to maintain good health! Immunity is boosted by regular practice of Asanas! Several research studies have proved that Asana practices improve immunity!

Immunity is a complex function that the body does so perfectly.

Our body needs a little bit of a stretch and a bend, a twist and a turn, an inversion and a balance so that the complex systems can cohesively function to maintain a high level of self defence.

Instead of being forced to remain in a posture because you are plugged to a ventilator, if you could choose to invest few minutes every day to practice Asanas, you can face life with more vigour and confidence!

Asanas improve breathingm function which is so crucial in the context of a COVID infection!


Nature has provided us with a lung which has 4.5 litres inhalation capacity!

Average breathing of people has however reduced to a meagre 250ml per inhalation!

If you invest five minutes twice a day when everything Aparna normal, then your breathing capacity can be increased and maintained at optimum level!

It will not be easy for any invading virus to restrict a fully functional lung! Even in the wake of a COVID infection, a healthy lung is definitely stands a better chance than an untrained weak lung!

Just five minutes of breathing when you are healthy can save you lakhs for rupees and tons of worries

Sn Shivarishi