What would you expect a coconut tree to do?

When would you concede that the tree has fully grown?

When will you agree that the coconut tree has fulfilled its purpose?

Of course the coconut tree is considered as fully grown when it bears coconuts! This is the maximum expectation from a coconut tree! Until this happens you feel that tree has not yet grown fully. Beyond a certain number of years, if the tree does not bear its produce, it is considered useless and even felled.


What about an animal?

When would it be considered fully grown?

What can be considered as the life purpose of a dog, lizard or lion?

If the animal has survived till it is fully mature to reproduce and delivers then it is considered to have fully grown! isn’t it so?

 More than this we do not expect the animal to do anything! We do not expect the animal to have emotional maturity or etiquette. There is no more expectation from any animal. If the animal has survived and given birth few rounds then its role is over! 

Can humans have such a goal as the ultimate goal of life? 

Can we consider full physical growth, survival and reproduction as fulfillment of life purpose of a human being?

If our children have fully grown physically and have become mature physically, but they are not refined, if they are able to deal with themselves and their relationships, how do we feel?

What is the ultimate goal of human life? 

When will we consider that the purpose of human life is fulfilled?

Sadhana Shibiram is an intense quest to find answers to these most profound questions in life.  

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