Pawanmuktasana (Anti Rheumatic group )

We have earlier seen the connection between Anna Maya Kosha, Prana Maya Kosha & Mano Maya Kosha. In this post we will be looking at the curriculum that will be covered in a basic course and also understand the reason behind the design of this program.

As you know, our bodies are composed of blood, flesh, bones, marrow, water, wind, electricity, etc., and when we practise the pawanmuktasana series of exercises, we are definitely affecting these components of the body.

However, the pawanmuktasana exercises are not only meant for the physical body. Of course we perform these exercises through the physical body and many of us practise pawanmuktasana to maintain or restore our physical health, but as well as inducing positive effects in the physical body, our psychic centres are also influenced.

When we practise asanas, by transferring our weight from one part of the body to another, and by stretching, expanding or contracting our limbs, muscles or joints, we are generating electricity within the body. And by increasing the voltage of electrical energy or prana in the body, excess body fat and wind are assimilated and accumulations of water are evaporated.Of course our bloodstream is also purified and our muscles and joints become more flexible.

Through pawanmuktasana we can increase our quantum of prana and improve its quality. Then, with this prana we can awaken our sukshma chakras, the subtle glands which are responsible for our divine or higher spiritual being.

With this awakening you may visualise some peculiar things or have some pleasant dreams, but these experiences do not represent the awakening nor do they always accompany the awakening. When the chakras are activated the body becomes light and nirogya.

In order to eliminate disease, you may practise some major asanas for months or years without seeing any results, but if you start practising pawanmuktasana, it will immediately begin to heal any disease. Well, you might have to change the sequence of pawanmuktasana, but in the whole range of diseases right from diabetes to hypertension or even from constipation to cancer or any other kind of sickness, pawanmuktasana brings about steady improvement.

The reason being that pawanmuktasana promotes the generation of internal electricity. Exercise alone is not responsible for generating more prana. What is more important is the composition of the exercises, the way we move our limbs, the sequence in which the exercises are practiced and the way in which we perform them.

So, pawanmuktasana is a carefully designed series of exercises which anybody can practise. Even a convalescent lying on the bed can practise some of these exercises. Small children can perform pawanmuktasana. And there is not one disease in which pawanmuktasana can cause harm.

Spinal Twists

One very important cause for the difference in the level of awareness between humans & all other beings is due to the highly developed brain, which is even today an enigma to modern science.

However the highway between the brain & the rest of the body through which all the orders and signals flow is the spinal cord. In fact in the yogic tradition the spinal cord assumes immense importance, because it is the house of the three major nadis & the maintainance of the spine & the entire framework chakras depends on the health of the spine.
A sequence of spinal twists are introduced to a participant of the basic course. These remove blocks from the physical body, improve functions of all the organs & maintains the health of the endocrine glands.

These sequence of practices are called as Udara Karshanasanas. Apart from their positive influences on the spine & back, these practices restore the digestive functions and improve bowel movements.Considering the predominant role of spinal cord, yogic practices have developed numerous practices that work on the health of the spine. In order to do these practices one should develop a supple as well as a strong healthy spine.

This preliminary set of spinal twists taken from Pawan Muktasana Series – 2; prepare the spine for further practices.