Though pratyahara is an intermediate stage of practice in the scheme of yoga practices, in this course, we introduce Yoga Nidra in its preliminary stages and Kaya Sthairyam as a preparatory practice for any pratyahara practice.

Yoga Nidra (Psychic Sleep)

In our daily life, we face both pleasant as well as unpleasant experiences. Such experiences leave us disturbed and drained.

Fatigue is a sign of lack of energy. Lot of people experience chronic fatigue. They are unable to manifest the necessary efforts to complete their tasks. Even regular activities that are mandatory become stressful to them. Left with diffidence, lower self esteem! 

The burdens accumulated over several years begin to percolate into other dimensions of the personality! Resulting  in psyco-somatic disorders. Limitations in physical, vital, mental, emotional and psychic personalities.

Yoga Nidra gives the practitioner the opportunity to unburden the mind & express the qualities of creativity, vitality and relaxed awareness. Creative application of mind and efforts supported by enthusiastic zeal are essential for fulfilling the purposes of life.

In this course we introduce the student to the full scope of the practice of yoga nidra with all the seven stages of the practice, as it was taught by Sri Swami Satyananda.

Kaya Sthairyam

Kayam means body & Sthairyam means becoming still. Usually our mind is extroverted, follows the senses. Pratyahara practices give us an opportunity to turn away from the sensory experiences & then direct it towards a particular object.

Kaya Sthairyam is the first stage where one is able to still the body, this brings about a stillness of the pranas, which leads to the stillness of the mind. Without mastery of this first stage, it would not be possible to progress in any pratyahara practice. 

Kaya Sthairyam is indeed the preparatory stage of any meditation practice. In this course we give opportunity to the student to learn this stage of the practice thoroughly.

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