Be the master of the body and mind through regularity & sincerity

Everyone wishes to get miraculous and outstanding experiences in yoga! Most people neglect the fact that yoga is first a practice discipline! It can give its blessings only if you practice!

Sn Shivarishi

Our body is a miracle, that has been taken for granted! No wonder, such a capable and efficient body is rendered weak, helpless and most persons suffer sickness and disease! How many of us would die of old age, and not due of disease? Our mind is even more awesome compared to the body and surpasses the body in its ability! Mind which can be a gateway to greatness has been reduced to a burrow to hide in! Body and Mind are bridged by Prana! Prana is a unique energy source, which our body and mind are able to use for their functions.

All of them go through a growth, stagnation and deterioration cycle. All of them go through wear and tear. The deterioration of body, dissipation of mind and depletion of prana are natural and unstoppable. It is like taking a boulder uphill to the top! If effort is given up the boulder rolls down naturally! To keep it at the level that has been reached itself requires regular effort.

Continuous effort, regularity is a need! it is the key ingredient for progress and maintenance of status quo. Also the practice plan should include all the dimensions of human personality.