Discipleship, Intuition, Insight and Inspiration are the qualities required to become a teacher of the Satyananda Yoga tradition. 

Yogic, Tantric and Vedic wisdom are an endless ocean. Gratitude and prayerfulness are the final feeling one gets, when properly exposed to this wisdom.

A Yoga teacher is very much aware of the vastness of the scriptural and practice traditions. Having exposed to the wisdom through their Acharyas and Masters, the feeling a teacher remains in, forever is that of HUMILITY.

The teachers at Satyananda Yoga Centre are not yoga professionals. They are actual testimonials that prove the efficacy of Yoga, they are the proof of Guru’s grace flowing in people’s lives. Being touched by the spirit of seva and samarpan, they have humbly offered their seva to touch more lives.

It has been a delightful experience for Satyananda Yoga Centre & its founder Shri Shiva Rishi serving these ordinary people who were led to perceive “The extraordinary” in themselves. Now they are in a journey of expanding their horizons of knowledge and in the process of self purification.

The teachers of Satyananda Yoga Centre consider themselves as servants of Guru. Teaching yoga to people is not a profession for them, instead it is a spiritual effort “SADHANA“. 

Satyananda Yoga Centre does not Surrogate from other places, we create our teachers through a systematic training spread over couple of years!

A thorough course, spread over a period of two years of intense learning of practices and shastras, followed by exhaustive experience to imbibe, the teaching methodologies and skills, that have been received from the parampara of Satyananda Yoga, personally, tested and verified over the last 25 years of teaching, conceived in the most effective way to minimize loss of knowledge during the transmission, give participants a great leverage to take aspirants of yoga to have a metamorphic experience in the cocoon of Satyananda Yoga. 

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