“Service is the greatest purifier of karmas and without internal purity spiritual life is meaningless. It is through service that spiritual evolution gains momentum and the inner journey towards the highest knowledge begins.” 

– Swami Satyananda

In the scheme of spiritual evolution, the preliminary stages of  yoga practice helps one to become efficient and provides the foundation for personal personal success.

The aim of human life, according to Yoga and the vision of the Rishis goes beyond material success. From a macro cosmic  perspective, the greatest success that human beings have achieved till now will be consumed by time.


For example if we think of Alexander the great, how many people today in daily life remember him. His achievement is nothing small in the history of humanity. True to the yogic statement that everything will be consumed by time, the power of flesh and force has been long forgotten with the fall of the Roman empire in 461 AD. After another million years …. Time would have even digested memories of everything that we might consider today as a great achievement.

This wisdom lead the Rishis to the seek that which could not be consumed by time. In their search they realized that, to know that which is unlimited by time or space, a special preparation is required. They have called it as  अधिकारित्वं – eligibility!

 Every student of Satyananda Yoga, is introduced to SEVA. Apart from seva at Satyananda Yoga Centre, they actively participate in several SEVA opportunities created by our trust. For full details on seva opportunities pl click this link : SYECT