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After having experienced the highest ecstasy, nirvikalpa samadhi, union with the formless Brahman, Paramahamsa Ramakrishna, like Swami Satyananda, still chose to return from the heights he had attained, in order to serve and uplift his fellows. On the threshold of his deepest ecstasies Ramakrishna prayed to Mother Kali, “Oh Mother, let me remain in contact with men! Do not make me a dried up ascetic,” and she allowed him to remain on the threshold of relative consciousness for the love of humanity. Swami Satyananda also chose to remain on this threshold. He realized that self-realization is no realization at all as long as so many are drowning in the darkness of ignorance and the misery of want. If we wish to go ahead in sadhana and progress in spiritual life, we must also serve those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Only on the two beautifully balanced wings of seva and sadhana can we learn to fly high.

– Swami Vibhooti Saraswati

From the day you enter into Satyananda Yoga Centre, you will have proximity and opportunity to experience SEVA in milder forms. An ashram visit would give you a more intense exposure to the real experience of SEVA. When you are ankle deep into yoga, you would have become efficient. You would have learnt how to be successful. But, to progress any further and have a blissful boundless experience,  first of all you have to drench yourself in SEVA. It is the only way followed by all the triumphant seekers of truth. 

The life of all the 63 nayanmar of South India stands tall as a grand example of the importance of SEVA in a seekers life! Devout seekers have taken the path of servitude. Sri Krishna emphatically states this in his Bagavad Gita

तद्विद्धि प्रणिपादेन परिपप्रश्नेन सेवया। 

उपदेश्यन्तिते ज्ञाणिनः तथ्व दर्शिन:॥ 

Sevapage_3Selfishness and self-centered outlook brings feelings of aggression, desire, craving, inadequacy, mood swing,  insecurity, fear, comparison, inferiority & superiority complex, jealousy, diffidence, arrogance, hatred, attachment, dependence, addiction, suffering; the list is just endless!   

Devotion and servitude to ‘The Guru’, opens the doors of our heart. Guru is one, who does not have any expectations from you. Guru does not need anything from the world either. Guru is one who out of infinite compassion wants to uplift everyone above the quagmire of ignorance. Guru places you in appropriate uplifting seva opportunities, through which you can go through the “ego-dectomy” surgery. It removes the blockages of the heart and clears up our attitude and outlook.

Such clarity is required for one’s mind to disregard the nerve pounding sensual frivolities, and soar into awareness of inherent fullness and completeness. The meditative state will be automatic for a person who has purified the mind and psyche. 

Satyananda Yoga Education Charitable Trust was founded for the purpose of creating opportunities, for yoga seekers to get enough opportunities to actively participate in SEVA. 


                                                                                              –  SWAMI SIVANANDA