We are humans and hold a special position in this world. Uniqueness comes from the fact that we are beings who are self aware. This not only gives us the ability to be aware of our body, mind, energy; we are also endowed with choice; to have chosen experiences in life!

Yes we choose from what we wear and eat; to reproduce or not. Yogic life emphasizes that we should not stop with these choices alone; We have to clearly choose a direction in which we will evolve.

The human body is a great wonder; it presents to us the complexity of creation yet keeps everything so simple. Having obtained a human life; we have to make the best use of this opportunity. And how is that possible?

Why have I come? Why do I exist? What is my purpose? Am I only this much, or am I greater than what I appear to be? Am I the body? Am I this physical structure, or is there a greater reality that is within me? How am I going to attune myself?

Humanity has gone through a lot. In the imperialistic times acquiring of lands & expanding kingdoms was considered as the greatest goal. However today we are in a different era, ideas, creative thinking in every possible scientific dimension & acquiring of cyber importance is the competition that companies & thinking individuals are trying to achieve.

Humanity at large is fed up all the new gadgets; human mind has begun to turn towards the more fundamental questions! Large population of human beings world over are today wanting to know why they are here?

In this course participants

  • Get to see the grand scheme that nature has for them
  • Understand the way to remain healthy & resourceful so that they can participate in all the eventualities of life with balance & clarity
  • Minimize conflicts & enhance harmony
  • develop clear understanding of one’s present condition & move efficiently forward to fulfill life purpose

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