Don’t say ‘MY FOOT’

The feet are an engineering marvel. the surface area of the feet, is proportionally, insufficient to maintain the balance of the entire mass, which has a dynamic centre of gravity. “I stand on my own foot” is a popular statement that gives so much importance to the feet!

In fact even in the Purusha Suktam, a popular Vedic chanting, there is reference to the creation of Shudras from the feet of the Lord. It is at the feet of the Lord that everyone falls at and meditate upon. In this manner the feet assume a reverential and crtical role all along.

Feet are the the farthest from the heart and closest to the earth! Gravity, you must be aware pulls down all matter with mass downward! this causes precipitation of the impure and thick, blood in the veins to be drawn towards the lower extremities. In the night when one sleeps too, the heavy venous blood stagnates in the body, nearest to the floor. This is why, we feel numb after a deep sleep.

Goolf Naman, is a beautiful practice. It is suitable even for someone who has just gone through an open heart surgery. In spite of its simplicity, the practice is effective in improving the reverse blood flow to the heart for re-circulation to purify and make blood loaded with nutrition ready for circulating throughout the body.

Blood in the veins is thick and does not flow upward, due to heaviness, stickiness and force of gravity, which pulls it downward. Goolf Naman can promote the flow of blood in the veins, clear up clogged areas, improve muscle health and even help deliver blood into the ligaments and tendons in the ankle and feet area!

The practice restores the elastic nature and the strength of the muscles of the feet, which practically bears the entire weight of the body while we stand and walk.

Improved blood circulation, helps in fatigue of the feet, pain and aches in the ankle, feet are relived. Many people experience cramps during sleep or in some positions. Goolf Naman ensures proper delivery of essential fluids and prevents cramps.

People suffering from venous thrombosis, degeneration of blood vessels, degeneration of nerves due to diabetes, can benefit greatly from this simple practice.

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