What is CYF?

CYF is a festival, not a competition. Children have to be encouraged to co exist, appreciate and compliment each other to have a better quality of Life! CYF has been a wonderful event conceptualized exclusively for children to have an enjoyable experience of yoga and to explore the different dimensions of yoga. 14th February is the Janma Dina of Paramahamsa Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati. It is celebrated as BAL YOGA DIVAS in ashram by children of Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal. 

Why CYF? 

A festival is a time when people come together and it becomes enjoyable seeing each other, when their company brings value to the environment. It is an opportunity to appreciating the uniqueness and speciality that others have and enjoy without creating any comparison or competition.

Childhood is a very powerful time, when the mind is still curious, fresh, open and receptive. It is the best time to help children develop a positive self image! Comparison and competition damage positive self image. Today there is rampant competition and children are forced to compete with people whose skills are completely different from theirs. In CYF no child is compared, is not asked to compete, instead is  given a genuine opportunity to enjoy the abilities and special qualities of other children. It is for creating a feeling of fellowship. 

Each one of us is special and unique in this creation and we need not compare ourself with anyone else

Children Yoga Festival give children a competition free experience which is imbued with the wisdom of Yoga! The introduction of yoga to children is a very important responsibility that we have to the development of a healthy future.


Satyananda Yoga Centre and Satyananda Yoga Education Charitable Trust have planned to take this opportunity to host Children Yoga Festival 50 schools in Chennai. For full details about the festival and to enrol your school in the festival please visit CYF-Registration

For seeing other videos of Children Yoga Festival please visit Channel