The first part of the festival will be organized in your school itself. Conveners of CYF from SYECT will visit your school and host the festival in your school on a date convenient to the school.

Students of 6th to 9th can form groups of 10 and perform a group YOGA SKILLS demonstration. One Group can be formed for each class. A maximum of four teams [One per class] can demonstrate their YOGA SKILLS.

YOGA SKILLS Demonstration [ 15 min]: The demonstration should include

  • A short introduction in less than a minute followed by Theme/Concept/Music based demonstration on practices of yoga [10 min]
  • One minute talk from the following list of topic [1 Min]
    • Yoga for healthy life
    • Power of Pranayama
    • Yoga in my school
    • I like yoga because!
  • Keertan or Chanting [2 Min]
  • Assembling & Disbursal [2 Min]

While appraising their demonstration the following parameters will be given weightage.

  • How they introduce the theme or the concept chosen for the demonstration [One minute in the beginning of the demonstration]
  • Narration style
  • Information
  • Creativity in presenting the concept
  • Flexibility, Strength, team co-ordination
  • Timing

One team will be selected from your school for participation in Zonal level CYF

We will not consider only asanas demonstration as a criteria to select a team for the Zonal Level CYF. All the above mentioned parameters will be given equal weightage.

Oratorical Skills Demonstration [3 min] – Individual SKILLS event

Two students from each standard of 6th to 9th can participate in this activity. Maximum participation in the school level event can be eight in total. Conveners will select two students from your school to participate in the Zonal Level CYF

Students have to prepare their speech in the following topics:

  • Yoga & the Pancha Kosas
  • Mudras and Bandhas
  • Sankalpa in Yoga Nidra
  • Yoga for Health & Healing
  • Yoga of the Head, Heart and Hands
For content, students can refer to books in school library or taken from or; The official websites of Bihar School of Yoga ashrams.