Women being the fulcrum of the family and the source of nourishment have the power invested in them by nature to be the first Guru of every child. But today, our society is at cross roads and women are the one’s who experience more heat than anyone else. Women these days are experiencing very high level of stress when compared to earlier times. They are multi-tasking & are victims to the sensuous indulgences of men who are arrogant & insensitive.

“KODHA” is an initiative to deliver the optimized knowledge of “SATYANANDA YOGA” in the modern context to usher young women to a new understanding of their hidden potentials and means to awaken them and use them in daily life so that they can harmonize their expressions and be the oasis that gives the elixir of mindful living.

Satyananda Yoga is known for its unique contributions to the modern world. In fact Sri Swami Satyananda has initiated millions of women globally into a positive uplifting life.

For the last twenty three years Rikhiapeeth has dedicated itself to the upliftment of girls of the RIKHIA PANCHAYAT and their mothers. Girls who were only two or three years old when Sri Swami Satyananda began his intense penance in his Tapo Bhumi have now grown up and are bold and brilliant women. But for the intervention and support of the mission of Sri Swamiji, their lives would have remained unknown like the lives of millions of women of India.

This inspiration that has been set in front of us has led us to offer a wonderful experiential workshop to young girls. through this workshop we will share with them ways to maintain excellent health, master stress, maintain high level of energy and enthusiasm and be happy and successful in their life.

  • 23rd July – MGR Janaki College of Arts and Sciences, Adyar, Chennai
  • 24th July – Queen Mary’s college for Women, Chennai-5
  • 25th July – Kannika Parameswari College of Arts & Sciences, Chennai – 1
  • 26th July – Anna Adarsh College for Women, Anna Nagar, Chennai

Any women college in Chennai can contact us for a free workshop for their college girls.