Healthy Bed Time Routines

Sleep, Work, Food, Thoughts and Physical activity have to be managed well if you wish to have a happy and healthy life! We have planned a series of posts to give you some guidelines on how you can ensure a good quality of sleep and enriching experience.

Effect of Food on Sleep

The type and the content of food has a great influence on one’s sleep! The timing of the meal also has impact on the quality of sleep!

The Right Time:

“Your meal should have been eaten at least two hours before going to sleep, even better if it were three hours.”

When food is infused into the stomach, as per the protocol of the body, a huge chunk of surplus energy has to go to the stomach, to facilitate digestive process! Whereas, while you are asleep, it has to be utilized for other purposes like cleansing the entire system. If food is there in the stomach, when you go to your bed, your sleep will obviously be disturbed! Digestion will also get affected!

A high sugar diet, a caffeine rich drink can stimulate the mind and make you extremely active, that you cannot sleep properly with such a high level of stimulation! You should avoid such food about six hours before going to bed!

Light and Easy to Digest :

A high protein, high sugar, fried, high fat, heavy food, that is not easy to digest is not suitable for dinner. It is important to exert least load on the digestive system, in the night. When food is processed through several stages of cooking, like, baking, grilling, frying, all done together, the delicacy may be totally satisfy your senses and your might have just savored an exotic culinary, but it will make the body suffer! This can disturb the body’s balance! Affect sleep too!

A light diet that is simple, with least processing is the easiest for the stomach to digest! A great choice of simple diets with essential spices are available in all the traditional Indian cuisines and most global cuisines too.

When a simple diet is consumed few hours before dinner, it gets assimilated quickly and the energies required for doing the realigning process associate with sleep is made available.

Since there is no burden in the tummy, the quality of sleep is improved and the duration necessary for rejuvenation is reduced. With minimum time, a completely refreshing sleep is experienced.

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