Welcome to Satyananda Yoga Centre-Triplicane,

Get ready to be inspired by the teachings of Swami Sivananda and Sri Swami Satyananda and the luminaries of the Satyananda Yoga tradition.

Dedicated to you-‘The Aspirant’

Satyananda Yoga Centre is a sincere attempt to bring close to you the brilliant practices, principles and approaches of Bihar Yoga Tradition.

Satyananda Yoga Centre-Triplicane; offers a range of courses with innumerable flavors & subtleties of learning.

All our courses are oriented towards spiritual unfoldments; however they have been designed to first address the immediate needs such as improving health, resolving emotional and mental conflicts, bringing balance in the energy system that is the power house of our body.

Inspired by the Satyananda Yoga parampara, and to bring this wonderful wisdom to the people in Tamilnadu, Sannyasi Shivarishi strives to create a favorable learning environment. 

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