Sri Swami Satyananda, one of the greatest visionary sages of modern time, entered Rikhia an unimportant village in Jharkhand in September 1989. Rikhiapeeth celebrated the Silver Lining Jubilee in the year 2015.

As part of the celebrations selfless seva projects, several courses, programs, workshops and training programs by eminent resource persons, were organized for the Kanyas and Batuks of Rikhia. Several medical camps were conducted by eminent doctors from all over India. To know about the year long celebration which will come to its completion in December 2015 visit Silver Lining Jubilee.

As requested by Ashram, Sannyasi Shiva Rishi conceived, planned and conducted a two week residential yoga program for about 300 children from all over India. Since 2015 every year Bal Yoga Shivir has been conducted at Rikhiapeeth every year from 1st to 7th June.

“Bal Yoga Shivir” program is developed based on the yogic and spiritual scriptures with an underlying theme to help children who participate in the program, imbibe the teachings of our Guru Parampara!

Details of the first Bal Yoga Shivir were printed in a sovenir as a token of offering to Sri Swamiji as part of the Silver Lining Jubilee Celebrations!