Balaji Gorantala comes from a well established business family from Andhra Pradesh. His ancestors have settled in Chennai for more than two generations.

Balaji got introduced to Satyananda Yoga tradition through Swami Bhakti Chaitanya in 1996, when he was very young. After completing education and establishing well in business, once again Balaji developed a keen interest to learn yoga from a dedicated tradition, was introduced by a Muslim friend to SYC.

He joined in Basic Level course in 2006 and over the years attended several courses offered by SYC, Prathama Shibiram, Prathama Shibiram 2, Sadhana Shibiram, Pratyahara Seva Shibiram, Dharana Shibiram, has qualified to be a dedicated and well informed teacher.

Balaji is a disciple of His Holiness Tiridandi Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamigal, and has exposure to the Vedantic teachings of Sri Ramanujaacharya! He actively contributes seva to initiatives of Jeeyar Education Trust, Bharat Vikas Parishad, PRC Charities and many other social initiatives. 

Balaji has involved himself actively in organising and conducting several workshops, courses, classes, programs and been a champion of seva. Children Yoga Festival, Kodha, ACOGYT lectures, are projects that he has involved himself with dedication.

Inspired by Sn Shivarishi’s classes, Balaji took upon himself the responsibility of documenting JIVA VIGYAN a Satyananda Yoga embedded Life Skills program. It took a three year period of incessant meetings and discussions with Sn.Shivarishi to thoroughly analyse scriptures to present in the modern context.

The program is available for both children and adults in interesting format. The program is offered by Ankur Learning Private Limited. Jiva Vigyan program is offered at Ankur Ksetras for adults and through schools and colleges to children and youth.